Monday, June 8, 2015


Welcome! It’s the perfect time of the year to enjoy Core El Centro’s Rooftop farmers market’s comfortable atmosphere and have a blast with vendors, locals, family, or friends!

Open every Monday night 4:00pm-8:00pm through October 13th the roof top market enables people to relax openly, appreciate food, and share delicious recipes or preparation tips with our farmers!(We even host cooking demonstrations throughout the season as well!)

We offer people the opportunity to take the time to enjoy the garden as a whole, search through the variety of goods and services at the market, eat a snack, read a book, converse with friends or folks around, and enjoy the great view!!

Most importantly, we believe the rooftop farmers market to be an important element towards our mission at Core/El Centro which is to give the opportunity for the community to seek locally grown nutritious food and live a more prosperous and healthy lifestyle. We also believe our farmers market to be a place where people can learn from one another, share new ideas, and take time to appreciate the world around us. Our farmer’s market utilizes the beautiful rooftop space we have to celebrate food, healing herbs, community gifts, and more!

We now have an exciting and new Roof top Farmers Market Rewards Program and the purpose of the program is to thank community members for their use of the market! As a member of the rewards program, an individual will receive one stamp on their Edible Skyline: A Rooftop Revolution card for attending the market and making a purchase. Also there will be a secret “code word” that will be included in our Facebook page in our Newsletter which offers the chance to receive a second stamp on your card!

*Once an individual accumulates 10 stamps, they can exchange the card for a $5 voucher to use towards CORE/El Centro produce.*

Plus receive one raffle ticket per week to be entered in a drawing in June, August and October.
Raffle ticket prizes include:
(Food processor---> Raffle Drawing June 29th)
(Chocolate and Cheese basket---> Raffle Drawing August 31st)
(Mystery Prize---> Raffle Drawing October 13th).

(Also thanks to a generous sponsorship from United Healthcare we will match EBT/SNAP purchases up to $20/week and we accept EBT/SNAP, credit, and debit cards!)

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