Thursday, June 18, 2015

Madelines International cooking classes

   On June 4th ,11th, and 18th our Garden and Nutrition intern Madeline gave a cooking class based on different cultures around the world. We made Vietnamese, Chinese, Mediterranean, American, and Peruvian food. Some vegan,some vegetarian, and others recipes with meat (used for only an optional choice).

 Madeline's second cooking class,
 In process of making the vegetarian burger patties from scratch with her .

A healthy burger choice packed with quinoa,black beans,kale sandwiched in between cucumber slices in stead of your average beef patty in a bun. Partnered with a three bean Mediterranean salad, replacing the fries.

       Madelines first cooking class

 First cooking class, Madeline mad fresh Vietnamese spring rolls made with raw vegetable and 3 dipping sauces.Next we cooked some vermicelli noodles dressed with spring onions ,ginger, and soy sauce. Also made a Chinese-Peruvian hybrid of fried rice.

- Written by Madeline, G&N Intern

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