Monday, January 27, 2014

Vegetable Stock: A winter staple

We learned about making homemade vegetable stock in a previous Healthy Cooking Class, but I was inspired to share these pictures again.  I have a freezer bag that I just keep stocking with discarded vegetable parts; once the bag is pretty full (and/or there is a weather-related day off!) I pull it out and make some delicious homemade vegetable stock.  This is a great base for winter soup, or to use for cooking grains, beans, or lentils.  Enjoy! 

This is an 8 qt pan, about 2/3 full - enough water just to cover the frozen veggies.

"Two large pinches" of whatever herbs - I put rosemary, bay leaf and celery seed in this time, plus a fresh carrot and bit of onion that I had left. 

I typically wait about 30-40 minutes of boiling before tasting to salt.  Crushed red pepper/chile would be a good thing to add with herbs, too.

I got carried away in the process and forgot to take a picture of the straining!  But the after-shot (below) gives you an idea of the method: cheesecloth folded in half, over pasta strainer.  I strained it right into the pot I was going to use to make rice, but then transferred it to measuring bowl to see how much I had.

I had already strained/emptied the veggies for this picture - but at least you can see the materials I used!  (P.S. the leftover hot veggies are great for a compost pile!)

The deep auburn of this stock illustrates the flavor! 

5.25 cups of stock from otherwise discarded vegetable 'scraps.' Pretty good deal! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Now Accepting Garden Internship Applications!

For the second year, CORE/El Centro is offering a Garden and Nutrition Internship for young adults 15-20 years old.  The volunteer internship is "Paid in Produce," meaning the interns who participate receive weekly produce, in season.  They literally reap what they sow.

Intern applications are due February 17th - please send in a short (less than 500 words) essay about why you're interested in the internship and what you hope to gain from the experience.  Interviews will be held the last week in February.  More information on the internship can be found here: Internship Flyer.

See below for some photos of 2013 Interns and volunteer experiences!

Garden Abundance! 
2013 interns Dulay, Samantha and Chloe visiting Fondy Farm

Closet Cleaning
Staffing the farmer's market table

Paper-making at the Kids Camp

Starting Seeds with Kids Camp participants