Monday, May 20, 2013

NEW! Rooftop Farmer's Market

Come check out our gorgeous rooftop space at CORE/El Centro! Our first day will be Saturday, June 1st from 11 AM to 1:30 PM. We will be operating rain or shine every Saturday at the same time through September 17th. If rain, the market will be held on the first floor in the lobby. Core/El Centro is located on 130 W. Bruce Street.


We will have a variety of different vendors to make our farmer's market very interesting for everyone. Some of these products these vendors would sell include cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, tortillas and other bakery items, coffee, fish, and rotating vendors selling jam and honey. We will alos have a few different prepared food options such as fresh, delicious salads. 

Photo taken at Walker's Square Farmers Market 2012

Photo taken at Walker's Square Farmers Market 2012

Why shop at a local farmer's market?

There are many benefits to shopping at a farmer's market. For one, the products are fresher and this helps add more flavor. Shopping at your local farmer's market can even decrease your carbon footprint. It only takes the farmer one truck to deliver their products to the market instead of the many trucks it would take to deliver these same products to a grocery store.You know where the produce is coming from as well. You get an opportunity to talk to the farmer who is selling the product. Buying things from these farmers means that you are helping support their farm. Most of these farms are small, family operated farms. When you shop at a grocery store, only 16 cents of each dollar you spend on food  actually goes to the farmer. Shopping at the farmer's market ensures that the money is going directly to the farmer.

We hope to see you on opening day!  Click Here for the Flyer

Written by Samantha

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