Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rooftop Garden Construction Next Week!!

That's right - the green roof construction is happening in the early part of next week!

This means the intensive green roof spaces will be filled in with their water-absorbing sedum, our production beds will be filled in with organic growing medium and the areas around the garden beds will get their crushed rock bedding - so our shoes don't puncture the water absorbing membrane when we're walking between the beds to plant and harvest our veggies.

I've been connecting with a one-acre rooftop farm in New York City, Brooklyn Grange, to get their tips on rooftop-ready crops which have been successful for them.  They, too, are interested in trying strawberries and raspberries on rooftop and the plants have survived their second year.  Taking sage advice from a fellow gardener, who also happens to be the landscape architect for our project, I've decided to narrow the planting list a bit from the previous photo.

Current crop list includes: tomatoes (at least three varieties, including Black Cherries), tomatillos, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers (at least three varieties), lettuce, spinach and kale.  Our primary herb garden will include: basil (three varieties), chives, cilantro, sage, parsley, and rosemary.  We will also have a few "experimental crops" (i.e. those grown in smaller quantities): carrots, chamomile, lavender, garlic, beans, peas.  A number of flowers will also be scattered around the garden for color and attracting beneficial insects: zinnias, marigolds, nasturtium and sunflowers.

I will be back next week with updated photos!!

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