Saturday, March 31, 2012

Seeds Have Been Started!

Thanks in part to the south facing windows and our organic seed starting mix, some of the seeds have already sprouted three days after the ceremony!  Because we are using window light, rather than controlled artificial lighting, we will have to watch the seedlings as they grow to make sure they don't stretch too much in one direction.  By turning the seedlings every few days they will not only stand straighter, but it will strengthen their stems ultimately making for stronger plants - strength they will definitely need on the windy days on the rooftop.

50 Basil plants - Lemon, Genovese, and Sweet Basil

Little Cauliflowers - this pot clearly exceeds the "2-3 seeds per pot" rule!

Zinnias, Broccoli, and Tomato seeds basking in the south-facing window

Once these seedlings have started to grow their first "real" set of leaves, we will have to make the difficult decision to pull some of the seedlings.  This thinning process, though heart breaking, is important to ensure the health of the surviving plants.  It is possible - though not always successful - to replant the little seedlings into another pot, instead of just composting them.  But this is especially difficult if the two seedlings are really close to each other, sometimes it is just safer to pinch out one, in order to save the other. 

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