Friday, May 8, 2015

Early Harvest

May is the perfect time to start planting seed but it is also time of harvesting some leafy greens. Your joking right? Not Necessarily!

Started the season fairly early with the use of a cold frame. We sowed arugula seeds was in late February to early-March and have we have already harvested the arugula twice this year.

Using a cold frame you can start sowing seeds earlier in the year and have the advantage of harvesting early. Or extend the end of the season by a few weeks in November. Similarly you can also cover some plant, like Kale, over the winter in a cold frame for it to seed in the spring of next year. Either way it becomes a great tool to have.

Here is a link on how we built our own cold frame from scrap parts and some hardware:
How to Build a Cool Frame

P.S. To use it for overwintering plants, make sure to take into consideration of the height of the plants.

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