Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bringing the Bees Indoors

During many of CORE/El Centro's movement classes, the room next to the dance studio is bustling with children, 3-10 years old, who are engaging in creative play, movement activities, crafts, and team building exercises.  This is the Children's Activities room, part of CORE's Children's Wellness program.

The Children's Activities project focuses on building healthy relationships, healthy bodies, and a healthy environment.  This week, our Garden and Nutrition Assistant, Dulay, was in the children's room engaging the youth in activities focused on honeybees.

During the winter, our rooftop honeybees are working hard to keep their Beepod at 90 degrees, helping the queen to survive the winter. So we don't want to give them more work by opening the hive and peeking in on them, especially when the temperature is near freezing.  So instead of bringing the children out to see the bees, we decided to bring some bee-themed activities in to them!  Youth made bee bookmarks, out of plastic spoons that had been bent in half, enjoyed honey with their snack, and learned about honeybees' incredible sense of direction with a 'follow the leader' activity.

As our Garden and Nutrition program continues to grow and expand, we look forward to more intra-program collaborations at CORE/El Centro!

Staff and volunteers help the children create Bee Bookmarks out of plastic spoons.

The spoons were bent, creating a bee body to which head, eyes, antennae and wings were attached.

A felt pipe cleaner in the shape of a "V" makes two antennae.

Some participants made two bees - to share with family/friends.

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