Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Partnerships for After School Education

Thanks to the leadership of Sixteenth Street Community Health Center's Healthy Choices Program, CORE/El Centro is partnering with Alba Elementary school to provide after-school nutrition and gardening education to students 3-10 years old.  Parents receive nutrition education from the Healthy Choices community leaders during the same time the children are working with CORE staff. 

This project is currently in pilot stage, with classes once a month during the school year (eight months total).  With the help of funding from the HWPP grant program through the Medical College of WI, CORE/El Centro and SSCHC will be able to offer the family education program for eight consecutive weeks, in addition to working on school food policy initiatives. 

Students brainstorm fruits and vegetables of different color categories as Stephanie records their answers on the board.

This program offers multiple levels of support - parent-to-parent, parent-and-child, and family-to-family. 

Each session ends with a healthy snack - shared as a family.

Last month, roles were switched as the children tried to get their parents to eat vegetables! 

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