Friday, August 19, 2011

Bayview to Walker's Point

Today marked the end of one rooftop garden and the beginning of another as volunteers disassembled and moved 12 recycled Earthbox planters from Future Green, in Bayview, to be used in the Edible Skyline garden next year.

The planters were put together by the Victory Garden Initiative (and others) in 2008 as part of a Garden Blitz.  Future Green owners Swee and Lisa are closing their store to move closer to family and offered the planters to us for use in our new building.

The Earthbox system is great for rooftop gardening as it offers an efficient water retention system using small pots of soil under the planting soil which specifically hold water to be used by the plants when they're ready.  This means watering every 2 days instead of twice a day!  These planters are especially noteworthy because of their use of recycled materials and organic soil.

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